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Anonymity, Remixed


When we first heard Rhye, it was under a cloak of savvy secrecy.  Taking a page out of the witness protection school of marketing (see also: The Weeknd), Rhye fueled interest by depriving everyone of any bit of information about them.

Now, with the veil lifted, Rhye looks to a more conventional music marketing tool: the remix.  Ryan Hemsworth, the Nova Scotian journalism student turned “it” producer, takes the spacey seduction of “Open” and spins it even later into the night.

Open (ryan hemsworth remix), Rhye

It’s 3am Somewhere

I don’t even pretend to stay out late enough to hear songs like these in their natural environment.  Bleary bass warbles like these aren’t meant for the daylight.  But if you’ve even thought about liking the Weeknd, you’re going to love this.

Jasmine, Jai Paul

Another Incognito Duo

Sung in secret by two mysterious members of otherwise well-known bands, Rhye is the newest member of the witness protection school of marketing.  In the same vein as The Weeknd and One Room, the building buzz around this song is more proof that in a world where everybody knows everybody’s business, nothing fuels fame better than enforced anonymity.

Other than the disclosed facts that this duo lives in LA and is of European origin, nobody knows who they are– and everybody is guessing.

Open, Rhye

The Witness Protection School of Marketing

In a world where many (most?) go to great lengths to over-publicize every aspect of their existence, the allure of mystery has never been greater.  In the mode of The Weeknd’s explosion onto the scene, several artists now are making their name by aggressively expunging any possible way to know anything about them.  Fame via enforced anonymity; desire fueled by denial.

The most recent of these mysteries is “One Room.”  With a moody track and a video that looks like it could have been shot by a Dharma Initiative employee on a Blair Witch kick, One Room has set music bloggers ablaze with  an almost forensic sense of speculation.

Who are these guys?

I Want You, One Room

R&B’s Resurgence Rages On

For years, R&B seemed stuck in the rut of wan warblers and wedding dancers.  But, over the past few months, artists such as Frank Ocean and The Weeknd have put the genre back on the forefront of creative accomplishment and commercial heat.

The most recent example of this resurgence comes from a side project dubbed “Cocaine 80s.”  Helmed by super-producer No I.D. (mentor to Kanye West), this project has come out of nowhere to own the interwebs over the past few weeks.

Here are two tracks from the collaboration that will work their way right into repeat play.

Like a Fool (birdsong), Cocaine 80s

Anywhere But Here, Cocaine 80s


Seduced by Generosity and Mystery

In a marketing and music world where traditional forms of promotion are increasingly impotent, the recipe for success now seems to be a seductive mix of generosity and mystery.

Nobody knows who The Weeknd is/are.  Yet their music is everywhere.

They’re logged time as the most read about review on Pitchfork, their first few tracks are available for download everywhere, and Drake raves about them on his blog.

But nobody knows who they are.  Maybe a duo, maybe an individual.  We think he/she/they are from Toronto (well, because Drake is).

So you can hear them, but you can’t know about them.  And this combo of ubiquity and denial has them primed to explode.  Just watch (and listen, because the track is quite good).

Loft Music, The Weeknd