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Hip-Hop for the Whole Family

Apparently, Kanye and HALO have become standard fare amongst the grammar school set.  For many parents, this forces a musical Sophie’s choice: either let your young kids loose into a lyrical free-for-all, or censor them into corner of musical lameness.

Fortunately, this choice is unnecessary.  Just in time for my sister-in-law’s long car trip with her family, here’s a mini-mix tape that proves that cultural currency needn’t come with an R rating.

Home (Party Supplies Remix), Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The Jackson Pit (Jackson 5 vs. Passion Pit), Xaphoon Jones

The Very Best & Cee-Lo – What Part Of Forever

17-04 Will Do (XXXChange Dancehall Mix), TV on the Radio

Rebel, Chiddy Bang

Kick, Push, Lupe Fiasco

Be, Common

Love Me Or Not, Dub FX

Edward Sharpe Remixed As We Watch

I’ve never been good enough at hacky sack to like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  However, this dance remix of their most recognizable track had me at “home.”

This has to do partly with the music itself: in its new form the song becomes an apt anthem for all those back from a week of bizarre business travel.

Home (Party Supplies Remix), Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

But another big reason why I’m transfixed by this track is that I’ve witnessed its creation.  It seems that every week I’m struck with another example of how, in this digital age, the making of something is often its most effective marketing.

Typically, creators of everything from songs to sports cars treat the creation process as they would if they were making sausage: we’ll let you know when it’s done and perfect, but by no means are we going to let you witness how its made.  As I’ve argued before, I think confidential creation is crazy.  Had this song just landed in my iTunes on its own, it would be just another few minutes without context or back story.  But, as watch this video, I now know this song as the one that they guy created in one take with the virtuosity to be able to take the time to stroke the side of the machine every now and again.  I feel like I know the guy, I’ve got a memory that will get triggered with every listen, and I’m likely to tell someone about the video.