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Hip-Hop for the Whole Family

Apparently, Kanye and HALO have become standard fare amongst the grammar school set.  For many parents, this forces a musical Sophie’s choice: either let your young kids loose into a lyrical free-for-all, or censor them into corner of musical lameness.

Fortunately, this choice is unnecessary.  Just in time for my sister-in-law’s long car trip with her family, here’s a mini-mix tape that proves that cultural currency needn’t come with an R rating.

Home (Party Supplies Remix), Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The Jackson Pit (Jackson 5 vs. Passion Pit), Xaphoon Jones

The Very Best & Cee-Lo – What Part Of Forever

17-04 Will Do (XXXChange Dancehall Mix), TV on the Radio

Rebel, Chiddy Bang

Kick, Push, Lupe Fiasco

Be, Common

Love Me Or Not, Dub FX

Travel Micro-Mix

As I try to power through the fog of jetlag, I can’t muster much more than a micro-mix of travel-related songs.  But if you don’t yet have them, each and every one is highly recommended.  Nothing new, but each essential.

I’m back home and plan on staying for a bit.  More to come soon.

Hey London, Chiddy Bang

Travelin’ Man (Remix), Mos Def

Paris,Tokyo Remix, Lupe Fiasco (with Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Sarah Green)

30 Words of Music, Day 8: Friday

With a super-smooth freestyle over a famous Bobby McFerrin song, this track from Chiddy Bang is the perfect thing to help you leave your worries behind and enter the weekend.  I hope all you Chicagoans out there enjoy this absurdly nice weather, and all of you far-more-fit-than-I runners out there rock it out on 10-10-10.
The Starburst name drop is really weak (Mr. Starburst, you can do better with your music strategy), but the film is fun.
For those of you new to Chiddy Bang, they’re a ton of fun.  Here are a few more tracks that I think you’ll like.
Here’s their fun take on a Sufijan Stevens song.  If you had downloaded this mixtape of mine, you’d already have this track… but hey, better late than never.

Summer in Chicago Mix 2010

With back-to-back dinner parties this weekend, I of course had to spend a good chunk of time obsessing about the proper soundtrack for said soirees.  The answer I came up with is the collection presented here: 19 food and family friendly tracks you probably haven’t heard but will want to.

For loyal readers of this blog, this CD will serve as a nostalgic tour through the mellower tracks that have emerged as my favorites over the last year or so.  For the newbies out there, feel free to search the artists’ names on the blog so that you can learn more about them.  And do track down their commercial releases: there’s not a band on here that’s not worth the price of admission.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the track list and the link to the music. Continue reading

Then, Now, Soon: Volume 1

After months of delay, here’s the most recent installment of the holiday mix series.

For the newcomers out there, I’ve been making mix CDs instead of holiday cards over the past several years.  It’s always a wide range of genres, with a focus on the unreleased, the re-mixed, and the under-appreciated.

For the old timers, you’re correct in pointing out that we’re a bit beyond Christmas, and this isn’t even a CD per se.  We’re going to give digital distribution a whirl, with one single track recording, and another version with rough track increments slotted in there.

I hope this mix brings some surprises, smiles, and artists that you’ll enjoy for months to come.

Feel free to drop comments in if you hear something you like.  Enjoy, y’all.

Here’s the link the the continuous mix.  It’ll take a while to download, no doubt.

01 Then, Now, Soon_ Volume 1

Here’s a jpg with the tracklist.  If I’ve done it right (?), you can print this and it should fold over for a CD insert.

The version of the mix that has track increments is coming soon, pending my crash course in compression software.