What is Then, Now, Soon…?

This blog began with the intent to combine my educational experiences with my profession and my passion for music to provide fodder for what the collision of all of these things might mean for the days to come.  Hence: then, now, soon.

But, over time, I came to the rather obvious observation that I most enjoyed writing about those things about which I was most passionate.  And there’s precious little about which I am more passionate than music.

So here we are, a year or so into it, and this has become a full-on music blog.  I now focus on sharing a bit of the music that I uncover and enjoy at a fairly voracious rate.  Some of these songs might be accompanied by a meaningful reflection on their societal significance; many will carry only an encouragement to turn up the volume and dance around in your kitchen.

Each song appears twice: the first as something you can stream with a click, the second link an opportunity to download.  This isn’t stealing; it’s smart sampling that I know has led to piles of purchases from readers of this blog who can discover and share new artists.

So that’s about it.  I truly do hope you join me on this path of constant discovery, and I ask that you spread the word to anyone else whom you think might like to join us.  Thanks for reading.





One response to “What is Then, Now, Soon…?

  1. Nice blog…
    but you need to sell some paintings on this thing…

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