Hello, Again.

In years past, the passage of 18 months would mean that you’d be listening to different music. Now, eighteen months fundamentally changes how you’re listening to music.

Over the course of the past year and a half, I’ve spent many of my work days up close with many of the topics on which I used to opine on this blog. Paradoxically, I’ve been too busy to write at a time when I’ve had plenty to say.

With this realization, I’ve resolved to get back to writing.

For those of you who used to visit, some things will be the same. I’m still the same guy who has been obsessed with music since before he could remember. My enthusiasm for foisting musical recommendations on anyone and everyone hasn’t waned.

But, as they should, some things will change. I won’t be posting (m)any mp3 links, because my music behavior has changed along with most everyone’s.  And my writing will probably lean more toward the professional than the personal, as much of what I’m going to cover will relate to topics that I’m tackling in my professional career (albeit without all the confidential bits).

So let’s see if I can get back to merging the professional and the personal in ways that you’ll find interesting.

As always, thanks for reading.


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