The Best and Brightest of 2011: Day Two


Is digital technology decimating our attention spans?  With anything (literally, anything) just a few clicks away, it would seem quite logical to conclude that our collective cultural focus is destined to flit about at ever more fickle speeds.

Yet, intriguingly, the evidence stacks up to the contrary.  If you check the top rated TV shows, few titles are new.  And, amidst the rubble of what once was the music industry, Adele proved that even today you can freeze the world in a musical Medusa gaze for months upon months upon months.

Of the many important factors that propelled her gravity-defying ubiquity, remixes and covers played an unheralded but central role.  It was not Adele alone who kept “Rolling in the Deep” on replay.  Rather, a lengthy roster of artists who are superstars in their own right jumped on board to do their part to keep the bandwagon rolling.  Here are two of the better remixes/covers that give even the most familiar song a bit of fresh life.

Rolling In The Deep, John Legend (Adele cover)

Rolling in the Deep, Mike Posner (Adele remix)

When an artist sells 13 million copies of an album, it’s bound to draw a follower or two.  Though there’s good reason why you haven’t heard much of the many Adele-ites that have developed a sudden fascination with soul, a soulful voice that’s worth watching is Cold Specks.  Though she hails from Canada and currently lives in London, Cold Specks (nee Al Spx) sounds as if she were plucked from an antebellum choir.  Such songs don’t exactly scream “pop hit,” but one might have said the same of Adele.  Take a listen.

Holland, Cold Specks

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