Seduced by Generosity and Mystery

In a marketing and music world where traditional forms of promotion are increasingly impotent, the recipe for success now seems to be a seductive mix of generosity and mystery.

Nobody knows who The Weeknd is/are.  Yet their music is everywhere.

They’re logged time as the most read about review on Pitchfork, their first few tracks are available for download everywhere, and Drake raves about them on his blog.

But nobody knows who they are.  Maybe a duo, maybe an individual.  We think he/she/they are from Toronto (well, because Drake is).

So you can hear them, but you can’t know about them.  And this combo of ubiquity and denial has them primed to explode.  Just watch (and listen, because the track is quite good).

Loft Music, The Weeknd

3 responses to “Seduced by Generosity and Mystery

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