Interestingness for the Interim

Yo.  Wrist is put back together but still crazy hurts when I type, so I’ll stick to a quick highlight of three great new songs that I’m feeling and think you might too: one from a new genre, one a new cover of an old favorite, and a new alt-ish country crooner.

For the adventurous among you, a new *genre* has popped up recently: Moombahton.  It’s Dutch house music screwed down to sound like Reggaeton’s interesting little brother.  Check a bit here and below.

Metele Bellaco

Okay, admittedly that was a bit different.  For the not so out there of you out there, here’s an interestingly chillaxed Pumpkins cover by Passion Pit.

Tonight, Tonight (Smashing Pumpkins Cover), Passion Pit

And for those of you a bit adrift since Ryan Adams went off to marital bliss with Mandy Moore, here’s another Ryan whom we should at least give a listen.

Southside of Heaven, Ryan Bingham

Lots more to share, will see y’all again soon.

Note: this post was posted one-handed.



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