30 Days of Music, Day 1: Your Favorite Song

I just learned about this 30 days of music meme.  And, though I’m lagging a little, I’m going to give it a go.  It’ll be a way for me to get into the swing of daily blogging, and it’ll also be a way for me to test drive something I’ve been considering for a while: a second blog entirely focused on music.  And so here we are, on day one: your favorite song.

What a wicked hard choice to kick things off.  If you asked me my favorite song for the last half mile of a run, I wouldn’t hesitate.  My favorite song for a Sunday afternoon drive?  Easy.  But the one song in the history of the universe that I would tap as my favorite?  Wow.

I approached this riddle from a few angles.  I did a quick sort on my iTunes to see which songs have been played most, but that didn’t work.  iTunes only dates back short of six years for me, and this quick statistical analysis revealed that frequency of play indirectly reflects that I play most of my music out loud around the house, and I’ve spent almost all of this time married ;o).

My second tactic was to scan the playlists that I have created based on the star ratings that I give songs.  As an aside, I highly recommend using the star feature on iTunes.  Doing so gives you all sorts of smart playlist options, and is essential for folks who have lots of songs (I have somewhere past 8000 and counting).  The tour of my five star songs became a parade of 278 contenders for best ever.

The song that rises above the rest does so because it’s probably the most influential on the last decade or so of my love for music.

You Got Me, The Roots (featuring Erykah Badu)

I’m probably ruining the surprise for a latter of the 30 days of music, but the first album I ever bought was Run DMC’s Raising Hell.  So, from back in the day, I’ve been a fan of hip-hop.  However, through high school and college my tastes veered almost entirely into the land of various forms of rock.  This may or may not have had something to do with rural Minnesota.

But then along came The Roots.  Equal part deft rappers and hyper-talented musicians.  An unreal live act.  Thoughtful, clever lyricists.  Unafraid to experiment, but always in a way that was fun.  All of this comes together in “You Got Me”: well-crafted lyrically, textured musically, and capped off at the end with a clever, knowing nod to the drum and bass music that was at the forefront of music at the time.

From first listen, I had met a band that reigned as my favorite for years.  And, through Okayplayer and the many guests they featured on their songs, they introduced me to a universe of music that I loved.  So with apologies to the hundreds of songs that I could have chosen as my favorite, I’ll give this one the nod for now.  Hope you enjoy it too.

3 responses to “30 Days of Music, Day 1: Your Favorite Song

  1. revnardintheplace

    These are some of the best MC’s in Chicago!!!! Check out my CHicago Hip Hop Mix lemme know what u think

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